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I last upadted this 67 weeks ago !. I wonder what all has happened in 67 weeks or what will happen in the next 67. I am now a student nurse, I suppose that is a major thing and I have moved out and moved back home. How many months is 67 weeks anyway? Lots of everything and nothing has happened. I wish I was psychic.

Home on the range

I have been living away from home for nearly 6 months now. I love having my own space and having the freedom to do what I want, when I want and with who I want. Yet, there still is a wee niggling feeling that I want to go back home. I am very very happy living with my boyfriend but I miss the feeling of being 'safe' at home in the room I have slept in forever and the house which holds so many good childhood memories and the house that looks so empty now that to dont live there. I am really happy with my homelife at the moment but I do still sometimes miss those times.

my website

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i have finally got my finger out and started making costume jewellery. It is in its infant stages at the moment but im pretty happy with it :)

bad news

Bad news today, my dog Bear died last night :(
RIP Bear 1997-2007
We will miss you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I am moving out for the first time, me and my boyfriend have been together for 8 years and are finally moving in together! I am getting the keys tomorrow. I am finally growing up at 23 :) I hope it is going to be as good as I think it is going to be.

Devious Journal Entry

Here are some of my favourite Deviant Art images!

Asian Lady
by ~obajoo on deviantART

by =FotoAnt on deviantART

siamese dream
by *TroubleNight on deviantART

polar oppisite

i was really happy yesterday but today i cant even raise a smile.


My interview is tomorrow. I still feel ill though but I am going to give it all Ive got, I need to. I am kinda excited and nervous. I need to go for a shower and get my stuff ready to go tomorrow. Fingers Crossed.


I would like to wish everyone a very happy 2007! I have had a very lazy day today due to being out at my friends last night for Hogmanay!

new hobby

i have decided to branch out and take up a new hobby of scrapbooking. does anyone else do this?